Community Engagement for Social Inclusion

About the Project

Community Engagement for Social Inclusion (COMENSI) is a two-year Erasmus+ project that aims to understand why marginalised adults do not participate in civic action. Local labs will investigate what tools and strategies could be developed to change this and increase engagement.

The project will hope to build social cohesion among disadvantaged adults in five local urban contexts by reinforcing their role as residents and citizens and by promoting their active participation in the local communities. A digital atlas has been built for each local community to help assess and document people’s needs and ideas for improving their neighbourhood. Physical community hubs have also been fostered to enable discussion and ongoing participation. To share the learnings and findings from this work, a toolkit has been created for adult educators to follow the COMENSI method of engagement along with a handbook to guide community champions or organisations when setting up a community hub. These resources are intended as Open Educational Resources available for practitioners working in the adult education sector.