This section is the first prototype of community atlas tested in five neighbourhoods. Each atlas is available in the local language and has been designed to fulfil the requirements of each context.

Ajuda is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Lisbon, belonging to the Western Zone of the capital, with 2.88 km² of area and 15 617 inhabitants. Bairro da Ajuda is a neighborhood for everyone, still with neighborhood life and community spirit. The Atlas of Bairro da Ajuda collects memories, stories, ideas and wishes collected from residents of the parish of Ajuda in participatory actions - the "Ideas for the Decade" Laboratories.

Mehringplatz Anknipsen is a digital atlas dedicated to the Südliche Friedrichstadt and the surrounding territories of Kreuzberg and Mitte.

The Mildmay ward of Islington, like many parts of London, has been subject to change, with gentrification being a cause for friction among residents. Many feel that their neighbourhood, and even their homes, are under threat of development as the cost of housing continues to rise. To ensure a sense of belonging, this atlas will seek to collect memories of the local community whilst involving them…

The Atlas of Palermo is the community atlas designed for the neighbourhood Capo - Monte di pietà. It is structured to collect memories, stories, ideas and desires harvested with the residents of the district in a participative actions started in November 2019 and still on going. The team of Bond of Union lead the process facilitating the participation, as well the engagement, of the residents and local stakeholders.