Community Engagement for Social Inclusion


Savsko Naselje

Savsko naselje Atlas is focused on how it can help the local residents “here and now”. Since a lot has already been done in the past to preserve the memory and stories from the neighbourhood as well as to gather local initiatives, this Community Atlas is dedicated to collecting useful information about the different interesting places, services and local stakeholders. Based on peer-to-peer recommendation, it aspires to disband the myth that Savsko naselje is just a “sleeping neighbourhood” and to prove that it’s a lively and versatile community.

Savsko naselje is one of the first neighbourhoods constructed in Ljubljana after WW2. It was praised for its design, spatial layout and quality of life it provided for the residents. In the past few decades, the neighbourhood regressed in social, spatial and economic sense. Its public space was decaying, there was no sense of community, crime rate was increasing, central municipal services had moved out of the neighbourhood, and the age and social structure of the residents had changed. Despite that, Savsko naselje is still a place where the local residents have a strong sense of identity with the place and since 2013 when prostoRož started an Integrated Urban Regeneration project there, the social cohesion has strengthened and the community is slowly being re-built.