Community Engagement for Social Inclusion



Working together with the Mildmay Community Partnership, the Mildmay Atlas aims to collect local memories to celebrate the community’s past, encourage a sense of belonging in the present and empower disadvantaged residents to have a role in its future. Through informal workshops, meetings and interviews; perceptions, wishes and ideas will be teased out. This will strengthen the position of the community hub and increase the confidence of the participants. All the information collected will be digitised for the Mildmay Atlas to inspire further input.

Mildmay is a ward within the London Borough of Islington. This area, like many in London, has been subject to many changes over the past few years, with gentrification being a cause for friction among residents. Many longer-term residents feel that their neighbourhood, and even their homes are under threat of development as the cost of housing continues to increase. Where once several generations of a family would be neighbours, sharing care responsibilities and resources, the young generations are now not able to find affordable property in the area, breaking up families and leaving older people, and young parents with no natural support network. This further increases the level of deprivation experienced by vulnerable and disadvantaged adults.

New, more affluent people are moving into the neighbourhood and the local character is slowly changing to reflect this. The divide between “haves” and “have nots” is on the rise as the different lifestyles and daily routines can mean very little interaction between the two worlds. As a result, disadvantaged adults can feel powerless, frustrated, left behind and angry.