Community Engagement for Social Inclusion



Capo Community Atlas is the digital atlas of the neighbourhood Capo of Palermo. It is a collection of meaningful spaces, stories from the inhabitants, local initiatives and proposals for the neighbourhood. It shows the engagement process activated by the staff of Bond of Union with the residents of the area.

Despite the precarious living conditions and low level of education of most of its inhabitants, the neighbourhood Capo-Monte di Pietà  is one of the most rich in terms of historical, religious and cultural sites. Its boundary is defined by the Cathedral of Palermo, the Teatro Massimo, the Court of justice and Quattro Canti, the central point of the old town. The neighbourhood is also crossed by the famous fruit market Capo, one of the most used and visited within the entire city.

The total population of this neighbourhood is of around 6,422 of whom 1,449 are migrants and/or with migrant backgrounds (22.6% of the population mostly coming from Bangladesh). Most of the population (70.1%) is within an age range of 15-64.

There are no public systems or interventions in place to encourage the participation and engagement of the residents. Most of the population of the neighbourhood have only access to social services to support their precarious living conditions. This leaves space for a more integrated involvement of the residents in public actions and for constructive partnership among the Municipality and the private organisations of the third sector.