Strategies for community empowerment in underprivileged neighbourhoods usually include calls for civic participation, however, the intended beneficiaries rarely contribute. If the needs and ideas of the most disadvantaged adults were taken into account, these could help to reduce their risk of social exclusion while providing benefit for the whole community. The project COmmunity ENgagement for Social Inclusion (COMENSI) aims to understand why marginalised adults do not participate and what tools and strategies could be developed to revert this situation. Project partners will work in five challenging EU urban neighbourhoods to create a network of adult educators and professionals to explore the problems and potential solutions.

4Change is a professional network and a community of people based in Lisbon, who share the goal of contributing to a more equitable and human society. We take this challenge very seriously and we always try to act in a way that has a real impact on the people and organizations we work with.

BOND OF UNION is a social cooperative that promotes social development and inclusive processes through networking between civil society, third sector, PA. BOU vision is to develop local actions that commit citizens and PA in new and participative forms of urban regeneration. Non-formal education and international cooperation are BOU main tool.

Mapping for Change CIC is a social enterprise owned by University College London. Founded in 2007, our mission is to empower individuals, communities and organisations to make a difference to their local area through the use of participatory tools, mapping and geographical information.

prostoRož is a cultural association based in Ljubljana with a mission to improve public urban space. prostoRož explores public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large. The association pays attention to overlooked public spaces and organizes, rearranges and revitalizes them according to the needs of residents and visitors.

TESSERAE is a platform to connect critical multidisciplinary research, education, art, communication and project development in the urban and social fields. Based in Berlin, Tesseræ works with local communities, independent and non-for profit organisations, as well as local, national and European institutions.