Community Engagement for Social Inclusion


Map of Wishes

Beneficiary / Participants

Local residents and frequent users of public spaces in the testing area.


Collecting wishes from the residents for a long term action plan.

Description of the method

Map of Wishes is an urban intervention of a big public space in the neighborhood and an interactive platform for collecting wishes and suggestions concerning public spaces in the area. Passers-by are encouraged to write down their ideas and pin them on a large map. The method proves that constructive suggestions of residents can be gathered in a short amount of time and in a playful way. Furthermore, we show the residents that they can be included in the spatial planning process of the environment that they live in. Collected wishes can help organisations or local authorities to prepare their action plan for future activities in the area. However, participants can feel demotivated, if some results aren’t seen straight away. Implementation in cooperation with local authorities (e.g. Municipality or district council) with prepared budget for the first interventions can generate higher engagement. prostoRož has tested the method in Vienna, Ljubljana and Brighton.

How to

Placement of the map: The neighbourhood map is made out of residual parts of carpets, where different colours represent different uses of public spaces and ground floors of the buildings. The map is temporarily placed in a central public space in the neighbourhood (5-7 days). Writing down the wishes: Passing residents and other visitors are encouraged to write down their wishes (drinking fountain, new playground, extra trees etc.) and pin them on the map Wishes were pinned together with helium balloons, giving better overview over the whole map. Granting a wish: On the final day of the action the first wish for realisation should be selected.


5-7 days; shorter period is possible depending on the participation of local stakeholders and the good publicity.