Community Engagement for Social Inclusion


Personas and Role-Play

Beneficiary / Participants

Individuals and groups of any age or background. Best practiced in groups of 3-10 people


To identify any barriers to involvement, such as accessibility for different members of the community. Can be used to agree on a Common Goal and to develop an Action Plan.

Description of the method

The transferability of this exercise lies in empathy, the capacity to place oneself in another's position. It begins with identifying the element(s) for exclusion such as language, literacy, mobility etc. that are most likely within the community and designing an exercise based on experiencing such barriers.

How to

Working in pairs or groups of three, each sub group is given an everyday set task to carry out or route to follow on a map, first as themselves and secondly whilst adopting the agreed persona. For example, visiting the local library and using the free computers to check emails, as a wheelchair user. The time and experience of each trip is recorded. After an hour or two, the sub groups meet together with the facilitator to discuss their different experiences. They then work together to find potential solutions or mitigation measures which could be put in place to become more inclusive and aware of others needs.


2 hours execution. 30 minutes reflection


One experienced facilitator, persona cards, tasks sheets, maps, pens, flipchart and props depending on personas chosen e.g. wheelchair.