Community Engagement for Social Inclusion


Photovoice Processes for Diagnosis & Visioning

Photo by Letizia Lucignano

Beneficiary / Participants

Photovoice can be used with all beneficiaries and stakeholders (without visual limitation) - groups of 7-20 people.


Identify issue: the method is very flexible for engagement and empowerment of citizens, building social cohesion and self-value of target groups; but also to assess which are the issues valued by the community, making a participatory diagnosis; Common goal: sharing and discussion of a photovoice process allows not only for ideas harvesting but also to build a common goal for the future by the group.

Description of the method

Photovoice is a very flexible method in which the main principle is the capture of an individual’s perspective of a given reality.

This is achieved through the use of photography, by providing visual literacy basics and also promoting self-eliciting through the production of creative texts as captions to accompany the images.

Photovoice is therefore a process in which a facilitator fosters the creative self-expression, but also the sharing and the discussion within a safe group.

How to

A facilitator for the group process is essential. The process can have a question to begin the process but equally the group can also decide collectively what are the most important issues to portray. The production of images phase can start with simple tasks that build visual literacy (‘portray your colleague’, show and tell, plus discussion and technical learning) or games (a photographic treasure hunt or other challenge) until assignments are given to the individuals to harvest every aspect of the issues to portray. A process of selection of images, creative writing and group curatory are the last steps of the process that culminates in a communitarian exhibition, to give back the results. A facilitator for the group process is essential.


Min. 5 session (ideal 13) / min. 5 hours (ideal 20) - can be done summarised in one day; can be done at weekends; but ideally the process would take 2-3 months